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I travel with my table or, you can come to my little studio setup. 
Catch me in Vancouver in the summer or Toronto in the winter and central Canada in between!

I am currently located in Vancouver's Downtown! I have a private apartment to myself that is discreet, very clean, and spacious!

** I also have free guest parking, and I can also drive my table to you.

I have a dog and she is very friendly, She's a Great Dane and very lazy but likes to get up and greet. She always barks when someone comes to the door its very loud but brief. Some of my regulars like to bring her treats, almost all of my regulars are happy to see her. She seems to love you folks as well!

** if you are new please give her space to come to you, She doesn't like when new folks reach for her face or use a baby voice and get down to her level. let her come to you first then you're golden**


I only charge the gas and parking for each session I travel to. I take on the travel time myself typically if it is not too far since I love driving and I know there are folks out there living their best lives but a bit too far from the luxury services of the city... until now ;)

When I'm in Vancouver - Squamish, Whistler, Victoria, Abbottsford, Kelowna

When I'm in Toronto - Niagara, Hamilton, Barrie, Ottawa, Montreal

** I have an SUV I travel with my table, there will be an extra fee for gas and parking upon discussion of travel location. I will travel ANYWHERE for the right offering! Let's talk about it!**

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