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It's all in the details here..
All. Five. Senses.
and a 6th?

Well here we are, you're almost interested but there's a few lingering questions you have before you reach out.. That's great.. You should be all up in this info. You're the kind of person I want to have come over!

You are fully welcome to shower before and after the session.

For the Eyes

Clean tidy house, colored light themes, flowing LED lights, tons of plants and artifacts to look at, either to spark conversation or for something to ponder.

For the Ears

I play unique music that I select for the mood of the day or if you're a regular maybe I've chosen something I think you'd like. The music has beat, it's titillating, stimulating, and will take you somewhere else if you let it. Tune-in and check out the beats. I also make sure there is very little sound going on around the apartment while we are in session. Hear us breathing. Focus in.

For the Nose

I make sure ALL linens are washed, bleached, and rinsed thoroughly. I am conscious to the amount of bleach so the smell is faint and sanitary. I use light mist diffusers and have a personal blend going each sessions. Sometimes tailored to you! ask for your own blend or for more of my natural musk.

For the Mouth

Sparkling water that will wake you up halfway through the session and after as well, sealed in a Perrier can or Pellegrino bottle. Always cold, unopened, ready to sip. We all know what else is available for tasting ;)

For the Love of Touch

I use Organic, unscented, virgin coconut oil as my preference. I have other oils for your skin at your request (allergy, texture, affect). My linens are soft and new, The table is always warm, the bed is always dressed with soft pillows, blankets and extras! My firmly chaotic touch is why you're here.

6th sense? more-so that feeling you get when you've had all 5 senses hit and you move into the 6th sense state....

chill-hood, chill-dom, chill-ville.

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