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In essence..



Touch you've probably never experienced.
An artist with my Tantra and oral practice.

I have a unique technique I've learned over many years of practicing massage as my own personal fetish. I am not an RMT but I do have over 10 years under my belt of touching/teasing/tinkering with dudes. I'm proud to say it's an expression of art, a craft and a really good fucking massage that I am quite proud of!

I do some tantric teasing of your sensitive areas in between kneads. I tease your sensitive bits throughout to build up sensuality and connection. You get to feel my whole naked body on yours, with deep heavy breathing as we work down. My fingertips are always searching and touching hairs in unsuspecting areas lifting your senses up and my palms and forearms are putting your body back down giving you time to rest as I release that mid layer of muscle.

I'm fully naked, I undress as you undress so we are on the same page.

**I love being touched, stroked, teased as well during the massage as long as I can finish my massage to the end, then we play!

** I will need a video meeting beforehand to talk about hygiene if we are to be doing any extra-curriculars ;)

**I ask a flat rate for the flexible time I offer. Massage usually takes up to 1.5 hours and there's time for edging, play, release, or worship after the massage. Make room for a 2 hour experience.



Don't be too shy.. Ask, maybe I can help ;)

This is where I do fetish and kink style experiences, I'm new to my own kinky concepts and learning my deeper roots in sexuality. I have begun to love working with kinks and fetish within my wheelhouse of own growing concepts. Maybe I can help share those with you!

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