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Dearest Toronto, Thanks for my first winter in the East!

Updated: May 21, 2022

This morning I have been sitting in reflection around my experience as an naughty masseur in Toronto for the winter. I have big smiles for the whole sum of the adventure. The road trip across Canada with my dog Frida was one of the biggest life experiences I've ever had. I arrived in Toronto with a sense of self, a cheeky ego, and a big curiosity to learn more. I managed to do everything I wanted and more! Both in my personal life and within the realm of 'this' what I'm cautious to call work, proud to call my passion, and delighted to call a source for some meaningful connection. (Thanks for that, humans of Toronto!).

Toronto was really my first time; Living alone, Being East for an extended time, and setting up shop somewhere completely new. My emotions were like a rollercoaster but, I love being alive and experiencing challenge in new ways. Vancouver has been home for a long time, I was beginning to forget how adaptable I am and I love that about myself.

I am so grateful to the folks of all kinds in Toronto. You. are. Amazing. I cannot wait to come back next winter to do it all again... differently! way Way WAY more Organized and less ego. I showed up with a lot of expectations and assumtions. I can safely say that I am evolving so rapidly lately that every 6 months I feel like I have to go back and re-assess what I'm doing constantly.

When I'm busy in my brain I seem busy everywhere else and this where organization is key. I truly can't wait to come back to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal to do it differently and to treat y'all with the new respect I constantly find!

Thanks ;)

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