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I Talk About Respect And Communication.......

Updated: May 21, 2022

So I should tell people what that means to me.... duh.... The only time I have experienced any awkwardness or uncomfortableness in my sessions or booking is when there hasn't been clarity or when plans change quickly... We all hate that. But in this line of work it dabbles in security/safety which is really important to me.. for me! and for you!! Clarity and Communication = Respect to me

Conversation and Questions= Genuine interest and Respect to me I love a greeting, Say hi. But also say who you are, what you are looking for, what you like about my presentation, why you are here talking to me( Could be for connection, could be for intimacy, could simply be just for primal urge). I'm ALWAYS happy to talk to a new client ALWAYS, but when I feel like you aren't going to talk to me like I'm a human I lose interest immediately. HI, Hey, U top?, sup? .. none of those will work with me. I am going to need to have a full on conversation with you to learn how I'm going to get you OFF. so help me out. It will be a hotter session if I feel like we can talk freely. hell, we will have a few laughs if we can get comfortable enough. **If english is not your first language.. Please be patient with me, I will translate and take more time to make sure we are clear!

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